dance dance DANCE for Haiti!

April 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

WOW! I never knew Haitian dance could be so FUN! Colette had us working our butts since right when she stepped into the dance studio. She merely said, face the front of the room, okay, now let’s warm up. And was it a warm up! She did not say a word, but had us imitate her. My heart rate was going as we did the crunches, the “back-ups”, more crunches, some butt lifts…whew! Once we were on our feet, Colette had us dancing immediately…a warrior dance! Man, those big, percussive movements were really a work out for all of us! We were sweating, huffing and puffing like we’ve never had before.

So in the end, we had a string of movement strung together, with the cocky warrior walk, followed by two throw and punch, then hop and oomph, hop and oomph, a hitting and slashing circle, and lastly the superman jump.

This is similar to what we did in class. In fact, we did SOME of the moves shown here too!

Oh, and did I mention the awesome drummer that was with us? His name was Daniel, and he speaks French. Maybe a little English? He was actually in Haiti when the earthquake happened. So him and Colette will be holding a panel later tonight talking about Haitian culture as well as Daniel’s earthquake experience. I really want to go, but I don’t know anyone who’s interested in coming with me 😥 Oh well, they’ll also be holding a dance workshop outdoors tomorrow afternoon at Pitzer campus. I’m expecting it to be the same dance she taught us, but it was soooo much fun today that I might just go and perfect my moves! 🙂

Okie dokie, Kacyn is finishing up her confocal imaging. Next up, me and my in situ! I already got a few images this morning from the neuronatin. Hopefully the others work…*crossing my fingers*!



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