Challah & Brie

April 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Okay, your first impulse may be…what the heck?!?!?

But think about it, both are salty, both are ridiculously yummy, and it’s like a bread and cheese combo right?


And that was where my inspiration came from. As I was (and still am) typing away a paper for my Neurobiology class, I remembered the loaf of challah I bought today from the dining hall and the wedge of Brie I have in my fridge. And I was craving something salty after I’ve had a couple 8 of these delicious Banana Oat Cookies.

I do have pictures of my results. But seeing that my priority is to churn out this paper first (and being the lazy person that I am), I will just leave it at that. Maybe sometimes in the future I will post a pic when I make it again. But thus far, I’ve been getting raving compliments about them: “ooohhh sooo banana-y!” or  “sooo chewy!!!” or “this is like seriously healthy and chewy granola bar!

yay! ^^


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