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In honor of May 1st, I decided to do a little post on the firsts that I’ve had today and these past few days. Starting something the first time can be refreshing, intriguing, painful, hard, exciting, and such. Though many may not realize, having firsts resemble your willingness to take on challenges, your courage to try something new, and your mindset to make changes, however insignificant, in your life. And so, without further ado, here are my firsts recently.

1. My first Breakfast Oatmeal Cookie!

Breakfast Oatmeal cookie

‘Twas very delicious! I mixed together 1/4 cup quick oats, 2 tbsp soymilk, 1.5 tbsp unsweetened applesauce, 2 tbsp shredded coconut, 1 tsp flaxseed, 1 tsp almond butter, cinnamon, dash of salt. Mix, mix, mix. Shape, shape, shape. Fridge overnight. And VOILA, yummy no prep breakfast in the morning! On the top I had about 2 tbsp nonfat plain yogurt, and bite-sized apples microwaved till soft with cinnamon, and a drizzle of blueberry syrup. Random topping, but SO yummy! However, I usually prefer my breakfast warm, so having this cold oatmeal cookie in my stomach was kind of weird for me and my tummy. Oh well, still delicious :-).

2. I had about a cup of arugula left in the fridge that was starting to turn yellow, so I had my first green smoothie made with half spinach and half arugula!

Green smoothie with arugula

My verdict? It turned out surprisingly good! At first I was kind of surprised at that peppery taste from the arugula, but it was very refreshing since it delivered a hint of minty aftertaste! Hmm..I have yet to try a green smoothie with kale…another first!

3. My first May Day March.

some signs

My classmates

May Day is also recognized as the International Worker’s Day and is “a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement and left-wing movements” (Wikipedia). On this particular day, demonstrations and marches can be seen internationally by the working people and various labor unions. May Day is also a commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886, when the Chicago police killed several demonstrators during a strike for 8-hr day.

Naturally, for my Asian American Labor class that I am taking, we decided to go help out this march as the final project for the semester. We were all up at 5:30am this morning, and by 6:15am we were heading out from Claremont to downtown Los Angeles where the march is taking place. And guess what kind of vehicle we traveled in to get there? A black SUV, completed with black interior leather and an Eastern European driver in black suit and shades. Courtesy of C. J was frantically trying to arrange rides last night, and C came up with this solution, since they had a driver anyway.  See my classmates happily holding a protest sign above? We helped with security as more crowds showed up at around 8:30 to 9. It was really fun seeing all the Latinos, the Filipinos, the Hispanic, and all other “minorities” get worked up about this event. We even got a free tank top that says “Legalize America”!

Big banner

Reform not raids

Lots of people!

ICE: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Anyhoo, we left at around 9:30am, before things started getting crazy. We hopped back onto Claire’s SUV and drove back to Claremont. By 10am in the morning, while everyone’s still groggy-eyed and just rolling out of bed with a hangover from last night’s party, we had helped with the May Day March! SCORE!

3. My first Larabar.

Apple pie Larabar

Excuse me for the blurry picture…was in a hurry! Since I had breakfast at 5:40am this morning, I was, naturally, starving by 9:30am. So on the way back, I had this little gem. It was a lovely bar and very filling. I loved the tartness of the bar and how it’s not too sweet. I also really enjoyed the little walnut bits surprises. Mmm. Next time I want to try the cherry pie flavor, and the peanut butter one! Unlike Luna bars and other energy bars, Larabars have only five ingredients! All natural! Perhaps I’ll try making them sometimes following the recipe by TeensEat.

4. My first time to Cherry On Top, a self-serve frozen yogurt place in Upland.

Cherry on top cup

A swirl of goodiness!

After a shorter than usual 30-min run after I got back (wasn’t feelin’ it today, plus my right knee was tight and kind of bothering me), I quickly showered and met up with my grandparents for lunch. We went to Loving Hut, an international vegan chain restaurant. I ordered their spring rolls and three-cup wonders. Their spring rolls were delicious, and came with peanut sauce. Though I loved the taste of three-cup wonders (with basil), the tofu was lightly batter-fried. I like my tofu plain and simple please :-). For dessert, we simply walked right next door to the froyo place that I’ve been meaning to try. I got the Green Apple, Strawberry Banana, Cookies ‘n Cream, and Maple Pecan, topped with sliced almonds, cheesecake bites, sliced strawberries, mangoes, and chocolate bar bits. It was okay. Their green apple one tasted kind of artificial. I couldn’t taste anything special from the maple pecan. Strawberry banana and cookies n’ cream were both pretty good. But I still have to say Yogurtland is the bomb!

Other firsts:

  • First time I rode a bike when I was 6
  • First learned how to swim in 3rd grade
  • First started playing the flute in 5th grade
  • First started playing piano when I was 5
  • First time snowboarding was December 2009
  • First time trying yoga was April 2007
  • First time doing Ashtanga was June 2007

Do you have any firsts that happened recently?

P.S. One of my best friends just told me her brother is going to be on Dancing with the Stars! Her brother actually goes to the same school as I do. YAYYYYYYYYYYY! SO COOL!


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  • CourtandWhit says:

    OMG, that breakfast cookie looks EPIC 🙂

    • elaine says:

      lol it was so fun to make and so fun to eat! and thanks alot for dropping by my blog! i hope to be doing more posts once school ends. unlike you girls, i’m not able to juggle school, clubs, work, and a blog all at once. i really admire you both for that! 🙂

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