Money is air

May 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

Caught your attention? Read on!

Yesterday I had a lunch date with one of my yoga teachers here in Taiwan. We were planning on going to an Italian restaurant near the yoga studio, but she asked me last minute if I wanted to go see a talk by Michael Roach with her at 1:30pm.

Michael who?

Michael Roach. An American monk of Tibetan Buddhism and the spiritual director of the Diamond Mountain University, which he found in 2004. His works include The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life, How Yoga Works: Healing Yourself and Others With The Yoga Sutra, The Tibetan Book of Yoga: Ancient Buddhist Teachings on the Philosophy and Practice of Yoga. I must admit, I’ve never heard of this guy before my teacher asked me to go with her.

With the change of plans, I ended up in her apartment while we caught up with one another. I have not really talked to her in about 2 years! And my oh my, I absolutely loved her little studio-like apartment! Upon entering, lo-and-behold, a mini yoga studio complete with a nice wooden floor, a couple Buddhist ornaments, and incense. A white veil separates the studio from a sitting area, the kitchen, and the three rooms. The sitting/living/dining room included a low table, where you have to sit on the floor with mats. On one wall is a huge poster of asanas. The lighting of the apartment was perfect, too. Light was streaming in from every single room, and with the windows open, the rooms were cool even amidst the humidity of May weather in Taiwan. She even have a massage room, where she often give her students massages or have others give her massages. Her small and humble abode is too adorable! Everything is so neat, tidy, and relaxing. It’s the type of place where you want to hang out all the time.

Anyways, so after a little chit-chat, accompanied by some organic pineapples, we headed out to get some food in our bellies as it was nearly 12:30pm. She took me to a small restaurant, tucked away in a little corner of a building. She ordered two different types of noodles for both of us: sesame oil-infused thin noodles for me and something spicy for her. Soooo yummy! And soooo cheap! A little more than 1 dollar for each bowl of noodles, and filled me right up!

(I forgot to take a picture, so I just googled it)

Since we were running late for the talk, we hopped onto a cab to hit downtown to Easy Yoga, another yoga studio.

So you must be wondering what Michael really meant by money is air. It’s so simple when he explained it as he learned from the Buddhism Sutra (aka Diamond Sutra, Heart Sutra) In this world, we worry too much about money. We always want money for ourselves. He recently started a business in New York, and though he knows absolutely nothing about running a company, his business is one of the most successful one in NYC. He even give away all the money he’s earned for people in need. So how does he do it?

He gave us an example. We breathe air–we breathe it in without consciously thinking about doing so. When we open the door to a room and walk in, we continue breathing. We don’t open the door and check if there’s enough air in there to support us, because we know there is always enough air. Air is something natural that comes to us, something that is all around us. And so is money.

So how do we make money? We make them by giving them away. That’s what he does. He doesn’t do anything special to the money he gets, but give them away. It’s like the concept of karma: what goes around comes around; what goes up must come down. When you give $10 away, you’ll get $100 back.

But what if you’re already giving money away and still not making money? The act of making money, he said, is to plant a seed of money inside your heart. Well, a seed won’t just grow by itself will it? It needs the appropriate sunlight, water, and nurture. If you feed and nurture that seed well, it will grow into a tree of money. You need to understand what it needs to grow, grow, and grow.

And this concept doesn’t just apply to money, but to anything in life in general. What you want you must give away. What you don’t like, you must start contemplating about yourself first. For example, if you think your spouse is always complaining, don’t be so quick to judge or blame him first. Question yourself, look closely and observe yourself. Do you complain all the time as well? Is there something that you do subconsciously that may not fare well with others? What are you like to others? If you also stop complaining about him/her complaining, maybe he/she will stop complaining as well.

It’s so simple. What you want, give away. What you don’t like, look at yourself first.

On that note, he ended the talk. He was a humorous guy I have to say.

Me & my lovely teacher, friend, and inspiration!

Afterwards we both took the MRT (it’s like the subway) homeward bound. I love an eventful, inspirational day. šŸ™‚


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