Where art thou, my dear blender?

May 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

So, my blender that I ordered through Amazon was supposed to be here on Tuesday.

Nothing today.

Nothing yesterday.


When I went on Amazon to track my order, it said that my package has been delivered. Where is it then? My gut feeling is that it might have been stolen. It’s not totally implausible either. If we’re not home, they just leave your package at your doorstep, in wide view for the rest of the apartment complex community to see. Naturally, if the box feels heavy or, even, if the box has the image of the blender on it, clearly someone would be tempted, right?

Or am I being paranoid?

Sadly, I won’t be able to go into my apartment’s manager’s office till Saturday, since they’re only open 9am-6pm during weekdays, and I’m usually in lab during those hours. Sigh. I’ve been waiting to bring on those green monster smoothies again!

It’s only been three days of lab work so far, and I feel like I’ve already done soooo much! I swear, the things I’ve done these past 3 days would probably take me 4 weeks to accomplish during the regular school year, mostly because I only have time to go in to do some research work about once a week.

Okay, enough talking. Let’s see what I’ve been munchin’ on these past couple of days. For dinner last night, I wasn’t feeling all that hungry, so I cooked myself a few vegetarian dumplings (frozen, from Asian markets).

Of course, dumplings are not complete with some soy sauce and rice vinegar mixed together!

Can I say yum? πŸ™‚

Today’s dinner was sort of random. I made a portabello “pizza”, inspired by Julie. I tweaked it a little though. I marinated the portabello mushroom in some balsamic vinegar + olive oil for about 10 min. Popped into the oven to bake for about 8 min at 420 degrees F. While that was cooking, I stirred some leftover brown rice that I cooked the other day with marinara sauce. When the mushroom was warmed through, I topped the cap with the marinara-stirred rice, more sauce, and a slice of veggie cheddar cheese (didn’t have any other cheese..). Then I put it back in the oven to bake some more till cheese was all melty.

Roasted veggies on the side.

Okay, I don’t think the internet really likes me today. It’s been lagging alot. Took me almost one hour to get through this one short post. I think I’m done messing with it today..hehe. Adios!

+ Do you have Asian markets near where you live?

+ Do you like dumplings?


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§ 3 Responses to Where art thou, my dear blender?

  • peanutbutterfingers says:

    looks yummy! i like your idea of marinating the mushrooms!

  • Um yes, I have Asian markets near where I live, indeed! πŸ˜‰ They are so fascinating(ly common.)

    I love making dumplings with my family! I’m probably the slowest, but I make the prettiest ones, because I’m a perfectionist that likes to make every single fold juuuuuust so. XD Dumplings are yummy! XD

    It’s strange about that blender… I really hope nobody stole it 😦


  • Lindsay says:

    I really like dumplings. Always have. So yummy!

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