Quesadilla overdrive!

May 23, 2010 § 9 Comments

Yup, after my SB&B Quesadilla this morning, I made yet another quesadilla for lunch today. I was starving after a pretty sweaty workout (it’s chilly in So-Cal today!). And all throughout my workout I’ve been thinking about what to whip up for lunch.

Enters: Cheesy Hummus & Eggwhite Quesadilla!

Seriously, I should buy tortillas more often, because they are so versatile! I especially like La Tortilla Factory’s tortillas because not only are they low in carbs, high in fiber, but still retain that doughy, chewy taste of regular tortillas, if not better! This quesadilla also featured another new product I bought yesterday when I went grocery shopping: Oasis Natural’s Cilantro & Jalapeno hummus. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first about this hummus. I’ve bought other flavors of Oasis Natural’s hummus and they’re all delicious. I wasn’t sure whether this hummus will be spicy, or too strong of a flavor. It turns out it was absolutely heavenly. Thank you Oasis Naturals, you’ve impressed me again!

For this one-serving quesadilla, I used

  • 1/3  eggwhites, whisked
  • Oasis Naturals Cilantro & Jalapeno Hummus
  • One wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese (I had French Onion)
  • Half of a yellow pepper, half of red pepper
  • 2 Tbsp salsa

First, I roasted the peppers at 425 degrees in the oven, sprayed with some cooking spray, salt & peppah. While that is roasting, I cooked the eggwhites in a skillet, sprinkled with some salt, pepper, garlic salt, and parsley.I then folded the eggwhites over (half moon shape).

To assemble, I lay a La Tortilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Whole grain white on a flat surface. I spreaded the hummus on one half of the tortilla, and the cheese on the other half. I then slid the cooked egg whites on one half. At this point, the peppers should be about ready. So I took them out and lay them on top of the eggs. Folded the half over, and heated the entire quesadilla on medium heat on a pan sprayed with cooking spray. It helps to slightly press down on the quesadilla with your spatula while cooking to help the contents stay together (& creamier!). I flipped the quesadilla onto its other side after about 3 min, or when the bottom side was slightly golden brown and spotted, then continued to let it cook till the edges of the tortilla became crispy. And now, ready for eating! 😀

I actually lifted my quesadilla added about 2 tablespoonfuls of salsa. No quesadilla is complete without some salsa or hot sauce!

On the side, I had some leftover peppers that didn’t fit in the quesadilla, and also Kath’s kale chips! I’ve been wanting to try kale chips for months now, but haven’t found the right kale today. The ones I saw at my grocery stores were all “scrawny-looking” and just didn’t appeal to me. I visited the Farmer’s market today, and boom, there were bunches of perfect, large, leafy kales sitting there waiting for me! I only grabbed one bunch today. Sighhhhh shouldn’t grabbed like 4 bunches, especially now I know how awesome these kale chips are! That crunch when you bite into a leaf is just so satisfying! Can you believe it? Healthy, green chips!

Munch. Crunch. Munch. Crunch crunch.


Anyway, time to shamelessly advertise a Junghwa’s giveaway, featuring Batucada jewelry. Go check it out, these necklaces and bracelets are gorgeous!


+ Have you tried kale chips before?

Tchao for now!~

❤ elaine

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§ 9 Responses to Quesadilla overdrive!

  • Simply Life says:

    I have yet to try kale chips but your quesadilla looks delicious!

  • Oh, my GOD, again! (I do believe I started my previous comment with that sentence. ;D) Seriously, you’ve opened my eyes to how beautiful quesadillas can be… they’re like grilled sandwiches, essentially! But with salsa. And salsa makes everything better. 🙂

    I want to try kale chips soooo badly! I’ve heard you can also make them with spinach? I don’t know if I can’t find proper kale here in China, though. I can only find Chinese kale, and it’s different… :S


    • elaine says:

      yeah i do believe kale are hard to find in Asia. lol I don’t think the Chinese kale will work quite as nicely, but you could give it a try. i mean, heck, that’s what cooking is about right? experimenting till you find just the right stuff.

  • Vivian says:

    That looks really good!

    I recently tried making kale chips. They’re amazing! They actually remind me of seaweed, like the Japanese/Korean snack ones. They have tha crispy texture and salty taste (well I add some sea salt to my chips).

    • elaine says:

      omg that’s exactly it! when i was eating it i was thinking, hmm, this reminds me of something. but i couldn’t exactly place my finger to it. it IS like the snack seaweed!

  • Lindsay says:

    Have you tried the La Tortilla soft wraps? I bought some a few weeks ago and they’re super soft and delish.

  • CourtandWhit says:

    That quesidilla gave me some good ideas, might have to snag this recipe. And we love La tortilla factory tortillas too, they are the best!

  • elaine says:

    by all means, use it to your heart’s desire! i’m excited that somebody find this delicious-looking enough to make it 🙂

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