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Yup, watched this today!

Boy am I glad it’s finally a Friday! And better yet, it’s a long weekend! Woohoo anyone’s got any big plans? Well, it’s been a lonnnnnnng week. Today was a lonnnnnng day as well, featuring some of this reading:

Yup, Very exciting. I absolutely understood everything 100%. πŸ˜€

I was able to get off work a bit earlier today (5:30!!!!!!!) and went home to my honey ❀ (aka boyfriend, lol)! We’ve had plans to go out for dinner that night then catch Shrek 4-Ever After in 3D. So, we drove out about 7 min to a tiny little Mediterranean restaurant called Ali Baba.

I’ve had a deep craving for some good, crispy falafels for the whole week now, and I remembered this new restaurant that opened a couple of months ago. So we decided to go try it out. Actually, before Ali Baba was another restaurant called Tofu Kitchen, which my boyfriend and I absolutely adored. It was owned by a Korean couple, and they had all sorts of dishes and entrees featuring tofu, and all the dishes are $6.99! I especially liked their Miso Tofu pot with brown rice and Rice, veggies, & tofu over rice in a stone pot. And of course, kimchi.

The interior of the restaurant.

We sat by the window, which overlooked Foothill Blvd (aka Historic Route 66). Also where our school is located on!

Anyways, I ordered a Tabouleh salad:

It was overpriced for such a small bowl. It was good, but not like, OMG STELLAR!

Next up for me was a falafel sandwich.

It was okay. Pretty good, but again, not the best. The absolute best falafel and sandwiches that I’ve ever EVER had were actually in Taiwan. There’s this place called “Sababa” that had the best cucumber & tomato salad, the best falafel sandwiches, the best hummus & babaganouj plate….etcetc. OMG…*drool*
Dmitri the boyfriend (hehe) ordered a vegetarian kebab plate:
I actually liked this better than my falafel sandwich. The rice was good, and their warm grilled veggies paired very well with their yogurt sauce! I had several bites of that πŸ™‚

So after dinner we headed over to the movies. I had two coupons for two movie tickets, but we had to pay $5 extra each for the 3D Shrek. A bit overpriced, don’t you think?

Looking nerdy cool in his 3D glasses.
Shrek was really funny. I’ve enjoyed all the previous one, and this one didn’t fail. Shrek, Donkey, and Puss just never fail to crack me up! However, Puss looks especially funny in this one! Gotta watch it to know it πŸ˜‰
After the movie, we stopped by Target to pick up some goodies, then headed home. Once home, we fixed ourselves some night time snacks!
Plain chobani with strawberries, Walden Farms Sugar-free Carb-free Blueberry syrup, and lots o’ cinnamon. Yummy!
Dmitri wanted me to take a picture of his plate because he thought it was classy! An apple, the last bit of brie, and a martini glass that he was going to fill with some champagne.
Okie dokie. Wayyy past my bedtime! I’m planning to go for a morning run tomorrow, and then LOTS of errands to run! Happy long weekend everybody!
+ Do you prefer watching 2D or 3D movies?
All the movies that are coming out are in 3D! Scary, huh?
+ Do you like Mediterranean food and what is your favorite dish?

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  • Vivian says:

    Sounds like a well-deserved, nice Friday night out! Your bf’s dish looks particurly good with all the colours πŸ™‚ Hmm, I think I’d prefer 3D for animated films (Excited for Toy Story!), but otherwise I don’t really have a preference….3D’s more expensive, and having every movie in 3D somehow makes it less special. lol

  • 1) I really don’t see the point of 3D movies, really. I wasn’t very dazzled by Avatar, even less so in 2D, and I can’t really “immerse” myself in a movie experience, so… πŸ˜› I guess I just don’t have a very “refined” taste in movies!

    2) I do like the idea of Mediterranean food, but I don’t think I’ve had actual, proper mediterranean food! I think some recipe-searching is in order. πŸ˜‰ The vegetarian kebab plate looks really good, though.


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