Ice cream & Chocolate for breakfast? Why not!

June 26, 2010 § 13 Comments

When I woke up this morning, I had a craving that I have every other morning…chocolate.

Usually I can get by that craving by making myself a giant bowl of oatmeal, a sweet smoothie, or simply some PB&J. I went for the oatmeal route today and made some chocolatey oats today that consisted of cocoa powder, chocolate whey protein powder, and a large scoop of ChocoDreams.

It tastes just like Nutella.

I contemplated on snapping a picture of my breakfast. On second thought, my breakfast looked kind of gross to put up here.

I inhaled my breakfast in no time. But guess what, that chocolate craving was still there.

My next resort?

When life needs chocolate, you give it chocolate. 🙂

No, I haven’t finished this so delicious thing since then. Shame on me.

My tummy happily went dormant again after a few scoops of peanut butter chocolate goodness and a few more licks of ChocoDreams.

Speaking of chocolate, I need to share a couple of my new findings when I visited a local gluten-free shop last night:

Cutest packaging ever.

On the Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate package:

Dark semisweet chocolate, whole dry roasted almonds and sea salt.

At first bite, crunchy almonds release their flavor in a swirl with chocolate. The sea salt crystals continually reset your sweet taste buds and make a tantalizing taste combination that keeps you wanting more.

No joke! I had a good three squares of it right after I bought it last night.

I haven’t tried the Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate, but here’s what it says:

Crystallized Australian ginger in rich Belgian dark chocolate crafted from a blend of Caribbean and African cocoa beans.

Upon eating, tangy dark chocolate gives way to soft, moist, sugar-coated chunks of hot-spicy ginger. The sweet and spicy transitions are delightfully stimulating.

Sounds tantalizing and mouth-watering to me!

I have no intentions of going to the gym, or running outside, or doing yoga, or doing any exercise for that matter. My body is calling out for a rest day. I think it caved in yesterday because I pretty much exercised 3 times. Well, four if you count bustling around in the lab all day as exercise.

Morning 5.35 am: 2 hr Ashtanga yoga

Afternoon 4.00 pm: 50 min fast walk to and from Yogurtland! (Lemon-Passion Fruit tart, Chocolate Coconut Truffle, and Mango)

Evening 6.15 pm: 1 hr and 10 min of sand volleyball

We could have gone on playing for up to two hours if it wasn’t for the dangerous sand volleyball court! Two people yesterday got injured at the same spot on the court. One got seriously scraped on the knee when he dove to get the ball. The other got jabbed deeply on her big toe. We tried digging around that area and couldn’t find anything. We proclaimed it the Demon’s point.

I’ve played on that sand court several times, but it’s never happened before! In consideration of everyone else’s safety, we decided to call it quits for the evening and would inform our school’s Facilities and Maintenance staff to check on that area (the court is on our campus).

Needless to say, I was starving by then too. Dmitri and I headed down to Pita Pit to use our buy one get one free coupon!

Hummus, grilled spinach/tomatoes/mushrooms, sprouts, pepperconis, cucumbers, olives, shredded lettuce, and Dijon mustard.

It’s like Subway, but wrapped in a pita! Also, they have much more vegetarian options (not just to boring Veggie Delite), including Babaganouj, Garden, Falafel, Feta, and Hummus, and more veggies to choose from! It definitely fills me up way better than Subway does!

I was totally pooped when we finally got home at around 9. Dmitri and I set up to watch a movie, but my eyes just felt soooo heavy. At 9:40, I asked Dmitri to tuck me in.

Yes I still need to be tucked in with a bedtime story 😀

‘Twas a glorious 8 hours of sleep!



  • BBQ at a professor’s house! With 40+ other guests including profs and students
  • Read

  • Bake (?)

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!


+ What fun reads have you been doing lately?

+ Do you ever wake up craving chocolate? If so, how do you quell it?


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§ 13 Responses to Ice cream & Chocolate for breakfast? Why not!

  • hey, nothing wrong with dessert for breakfast! looks like we were thinking much the same thoughts yesterday 😉
    I hope you have a great rest day today! Sounds like you deserve it!

  • Yum, chocolatey dessert for breakfast! Which leads me to the question: when is cake good for breakfast? 😉 I’ve never actually experienced any cravings for a while now… wait, I take that back. I’m constantly craving pancake syrup and brown sugar :S Maybe it has to do with my increased diet soda consumption… NOT GOOD! 😦


  • jqlee says:

    bogo pita pit? awesome!! i love that place. i dont know why but even though a lot of salad/sandwich places have the same ingredients (lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, veggies, etc.) they taste different from all the different places. right? maybe it’s just me. and i mean even w/o sauces!

    that is a lot of exercise. i feel like when i do stuff like that, when i’m not “in the gym working out” for a session but more so “on the go” and doing things all day, i’m more tired than when i am working out in the gym.

  • thehungryscholar says:

    I love Pita Pit!!!!!!!

  • This post is so full of chocolatey goodness! If I crave chocolate in the morning I’ll have chocolate soy nut butter on my oatmeal. So delicious!

    I love Pita Pit! And Subway too, but I agree it’s really lacking in the vegetarian options. Would it kill them to provide at least some hummus or something? 😛

  • Monet says:

    I love the Pita Pit! We have one within a mile of our apartment, so I’m always tempted to walk there and grab a quick lunch. And the almond and sea salt chocolate sounds amazing!

  • Kelsey says:

    ahhh YUM!!! u know i love my sweet in the A.M. hehe.

    ive seen those delicious choc bars in the store before! i love how they make it look like mail with a postage stamp and all. 🙂


  • It’s funny, I only crave chocolate when I consume it. For example, I had a cupcake the other day and woke up the next morning thinking about how good it was! Crazy…

  • Ameena says:

    I used to crave chocolate so much but now I am really satisfied with a square or two. Never thought I could say that!

    I loved Change of Heart…one of Jodi Picoult’s best. Her latest books – not so good! Hopefully she’ll make a comeback soon though. 🙂

  • Awesome breakfast 😀
    I like Pita Pit too- but I haven’t been there in forever. I always forget about it for some reason…but you have reminded me to go back there asap!
    Hope you have fun @ the BBQ 🙂

  • kbwood says:

    hey girl!! I found your blog and i LOVE IT!! Just wanted you to know 🙂 gota catch up on your posts!

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