Internet failure + Last night, this morning

July 1, 2010 § 9 Comments


Okay, so yesterday when I got home, the internet wasn’t working. Dmitri and I were trying to troubleshoot by reconnecting the router, calling up Verizon, etc etc etc. I even called my dad to ask if we paid the bills for the month.

This morning, Dmitri dug through our recycling bin and found a notice from the Apartment Leasing Office saying that the service from Verizon will terminate on June 30, 2010. I totally just FAILLLLLLLLL at reading notices. The entire apartment complex is transferring to FiOS, but we gotta go to the Leasing Office and set up an account with them first. So I guess that’s what I’ll be doing when I get back home after work today. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for them to get our wireless working in our house.

ANYHOO, I realized something yesterday while we experienced the technology blackout. I freaked out for about 30 minutes when we found out the internet wasn’t working, because I totally had 2/3 of a post written up ready to be finished and published. But then I thought, Hey, why not make tonight a technology detox day? I suggested that to Dmitri, and he made a statement of how his life depends on the internet. We then went into a 20-min argument about internet vs no internet.

Here were some of my thoughts. Nowadays, we depend soooo much on the internet and other technology that we forget to slow down and enjoy the present moment. While the internet does bring people together (hi bloggistas!), it also alienates people. Back in those days when computers, TV, and internet were purely dreams or magic, families would gather together after dinner and have quality-bonding time.  Today, kids and parents disperse after dinner and whisk away their times on the internet.

Naturally, yesterday I had quality-bonding time with Dmitri :-). It was really nice to experience the slower pace that an internet-free evening brought. Besides making a run for frozen yogurt, we pretty much just talked about whatever came to our minds the entire night. It was also a time for my eyes to rest, instead of staring at the blaringly-bright computer screen for hours, blogging, reading, commenting.

Without further adieu, here’s what I wrote up yesterday. So “last night” actually refers to the night of 6/29, and “this morning” refers to 6/30.


6/30 entry

Last night, I got a little too cozy with these…despite them being “light.”

This morning, my yoga mat was left to be lonely.

The story

Last night (or rather, this am) at 12:30 midnight, I woke up to go the the bathroom. Afterwards I tried to get back to sleep, and usually I zonk out immediately. Last night, however, was one of those days.

I was restless. I tossed and turned in my bed. So I thought a little “snack” could put me back to bed. When it comes to midnight snacking, I need to exercise a tremendous amount of control over myself. My body at this hour is probably entering the hungry mode, as it hasn’t had fuel for at least 4 hours now. During these dangerous hours I tend to be snacky, and go for high-carb and high-fat food items like cookies, ice cream, bread. Sometimes I can control myself by going for some fruits. Sometimes I just lose control.

Last night was the latter.

I was too full to go back to bed right after, so I stayed up for about an hour for the food to settle, all the while surfing the internet and such.

Naturally, when I got woken up by my alarm at 5:40am this morning, I had no intention of stepping on my mat because of the lack of sleep. I tried to let myself sleep till 7:30, but for some odd reason or the other I couldn’t. I HATE it when that happens. My body definitely needed more sleep than that, but it was being so stubborn and restless.

At 6:50am, I gave up on trying to sleep. I got up and made myself a giant portion of Green Monster smoothie to get a healthy jumpstart for the day after last night’s midnight binge.

The reflection

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go back to bed for a long period of time after eating all those carbs and fats, yet I did it. I knew my body didn’t need that much food at that hour, and yet I stuffed it. I knew that I’d feel horrible an hour later, the morning after, and that entire day, and yet I did it.

I’d like to think that I’m pretty in tune with my body, letting it rest when it needs it, fueling it the right kinds of food. But there are still those occasional binges that set me back and have me start all over again. I usually try to just forget it and move on, ’cause I know dwelling in those negative thoughts would just make me upset, then eat more, then be more upset, then eat, eat, eat. It’s a dangerous and negative cycle folks. I must try to break out of it.

After a binge, I’d ask myself these questions:

  • Was I stressed?
  • Was I upset about something?
  • Am I tired and not getting enough sleep, hence kicking my hormones out of whack?
  • Were there any trigger foods or thoughts?
  • Was I hungry?
  • Did I binge because I was eating too little calories the days before?
  • Was I bored?

My midnight munchie attacks usually don’t fit into any of those categories. Well, I guess more in the triggering food category, since I would usually start out with something healthy, and just sort of lose it.

I guess I still have alot to learn about my body after all.


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+ Do you get midnight munchie attacks? What do you do the next day to break out of the binge cycle?


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§ 9 Responses to Internet failure + Last night, this morning

  • Megan says:

    Technology can be soo frustrating sometimes! And I get super hungry around midnight as well. At least you recognized a lot of things about the situation and can move on 🙂

  • jqlee says:

    I just try to “start over” the next day. Its the only thing you can really do right? My “binges” tend to be just because I want to satisfy a craving. I loooove sweets and can never have enough so when I start, I figure I messed up already so just indulge! This is a terrible way to think of it but it happens. And when it does, take a deep breath and do like you did, have something healthy and start over the next day.

  • i had a quasi technology detox two weeks, when i just had to “borrow” internet from my neighbor. it was too slow to do much of anything other than e-mail and i was able to blog – but i actually enjoyed the “break.” made me sort of appreciate the mornings and nights more. no cozying up with breakfast AND a computer, and nights were outside. I’m glad it happened, as I was getting TOO dependent. It’s sort of stuck with me, too. Of course, it helps that the weather has been nice lately 🙂
    And we all have slips – don’t be too hard on yourself. I think our body is always changing, and we’re always learning more. or, for quite a while, at least. i just don’t fret about it, make note of what happened and why, and it’s a clean slate at the next meal.

  • thehungryscholar says:

    I get the late night munchies when (1) I come back after a night of drinking 😉 or (2) I’m up late studying. I try to avoid both situations, but when I have to…I have healthy snacks around. But it is so hard!

  • I don’t get midnight munchie attacks but I DO get nighttime munchie attacks.. like, hardcore ones. If you figure out how to fix this then please let me know because I am absolutely clueless! Haha..

  • Monet says:

    I do get hardcore midnight munchies…but it usually is because I don’t eat enough during the day. I think our relationship with food is complicated, and we have to give ourselves grace. We will make mistakes, but ultimately, we are moving in the right direction.

  • I never snack in the middle of the night because I hate brushing my teeth WAY more than I hate being hungry.

    Before brushing my teeth however is fair game. I definitely use food as comfort often. It’s something I will have to work on for a long time to come.

    I’ve found that journaling helps a lot. Not publicly per say but just on a sheet of paper of word doc. You can rip it up and/or delete it, but writing stuff out is a lot more helpful for me….more so than thinking.

  • Wei-Wei says:

    Oh, honey. Binging for me is such a heartbreaking thing, especially because of the “losing control” detail. I hope you know that it’s just one binge, and it won’t make a huge difference. I’ve never woken up at night before but yes, after dinner I usually end up non-stop snacking and just almost slow-binge myself up until I brush my teeth. I’m restraining myself so that when I snack, I get a plate, and when I have meals, I also restrict myself to a reasonable plate.

    I think those questions are very accurate and is a great checklist for after a binge. Then you can recognise your trigger and catch yourself next time… We all make mistakes. Don’t worry, love, we’ve all been there 🙂


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