Pizza my heart!

July 18, 2010 § 18 Comments

It seems like everyone’s opting for Plan C with the bike riding. I like that idea too. However, we must take into account that Newport Beach is about 50 miles away from where I live. Dmitri have been doing alot of research all day today, looking up bike trails and roads to take. So I might be able to make it there on bike, but the question is, will I be able to make it back? It would totally be like a bike marathon or something like that.

So-Cal has officially entered summer. I cannot believe how hot it was today! I feel like I’ve been in some sort of semi-heat stroke the entire day–woozy, dizzy, heated, while downing H2O like nobody’s business.

The morning started out nice enough, about mid-80’s, when Dmitri and I headed out to TJ’s and Sprout’s for our weekly grocery run.

Guess what I found at Sprout’s?!?!?!??!

An 18-oz box of blueberries for $1.88!!! This was definitely a steal. I was screaming in excitement to Dmitri when I saw it: “Oh my gosh! A humongous box of blueberries for $1.88?!?! Do you know how rare this is? Look how plump they are!”

Dmitri didn’t answer, but only held out the basket. The end. I couldn’t resist. This week has been such a good week for me in terms of steals, from the $3 locally grown and organic plums to this Hugh Jass box of blueberries. Life is good.

We lounged by the pool for a little while after we got back. Well, it got too hot too soon. Not to mention it was almost noon with the blaring sun right above us. I refuse to get skin cancer!

Once back in our shadier and cooler sanctuary, we whipped up a pizzalicious lunch featuring TJ’s Garlic Herb Pizza Dough. Obviously, I failed at making my pizza “round,” but who said pizzas must be circular? Heck, I can make them heart-shaped for all I want. But again, that’d be too hard for me. 😛

I didn’t go the “traditional” pizza route, i.e., I didn’t do the whole cheese shebang. Instead, I used Mae’s humnut cheese. I’m not a big fan of the uber cheesy pizza, but I am a big fan of hummus! This was delicious!

I topped the pizza dough with TJ’s Pizza Sauce, the humnut cheese, some broc, eggplant, tomatoes and roasted red peppers.

Perhaps it was the heat, perhaps my breakfast was fillin’, but I only ate half of this long pizza. Oh well, leftovers are good 😀

The heat made both Dmitri and I very lazy and sluggish, and we ended up spending half of the afternoon just bumming around the house. Him watching Lost while I blogsurfed and watched one episode of Gossip Girl. We finally decided we couldn’t stay in the house forever, and braved ourselves to step out to the sweltering heat and into somewhere with AC.

Target. Barnes & Noble. Shoe Store (Dmitri needs ’em).

My family has a strange addiction to flavored-water drink powder. Okay, I confess I had one too! But I am trying to limit my intake as I know now that they’re nothing more than just chemicals, fake sugars, and artificial yucks. Nevertheless, while throwing in boxes after boxes of Crystal Light, Propel, and Target-brand drink powders into the basket, Dmitri and I couldn’t help but notice this enticing flavor.

Let’s just assume it somehow creeped into our basketful of Crystal Light too.

It certainly made me drink my water though! I am now well-hydrated 😀

Is this going to turn my tummy red?

It was a tad sweet, and tasted nothing like Strawberry Daiquiri. It’s still a nice way to slurp up ice cold water nonetheless.

We kept dinner simple, with the “main” course as this amaaaazzzinnnnnnggg salad.

I tossed together some sliced strawberries, spinach, arugula, toasted walnuts, toasted pine nuts, and feta cheese. In another bowl I mixed together about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar, 1/4 cup of olive oil, some salt & pepper, and an overflowing teaspoon of honey. I added the dressing to the salad and tossed tossed tossed.

Voila! Summery salad in minutes! I’m so glad that I made more than enough, because that means I’ll get to eat this again for lunch tomorrow! Yay for leftovers again!

Dmitri decided to go the pizza route again, but this time using toast as the “crust.” I stuck to roasted butternut squash, again leftovers from the other night.

I topped half with leftover arugula pesto and some parmesan cheese, and the other half with marinara and cottage cheese. Both halves were equally yummy!

So now, here we are again, another Sunday night. The dreaded night before the Monday. BUT! Last week of research for me!!! I’ll be at my Home Sweet Home in 1.5 weeks 🙂


+ What are your favorite pizza toppings? Do you like cheese on top of your pizza?


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§ 18 Responses to Pizza my heart!

  • 1.88!? Omg that’s like something straight from my dreams!! Your salad looks amazing too, full of all the best stuff 😀

    My favourite pizza toppings are the ones that come on the fancy cream-based pizzas: mushrooms, prosciutto, green onions, pesto, etc. Yum!

  • Geni says:

    The pizza looks delectable and your photos are amazing!!! Are you a professional photographer? I am a new blogger and that is the toughest part for me…getting pictures that look as good as the food does in real life.

  • Crystal says:

    It was so hot today! My boyfriend and I are moving and we moved two loads of boxes and we called it a day, haha.

    That is just a great steal on the blueberries! I have a hard time talking my bf into taking me to Trader Joe’s which is 2 miles away, so I’m not sure I could get him to go to Sprouts. We have those in Texas, though, and that’s where I shopped before I moved here. Love it!

  • kbwood says:

    that pizza looks amazing girlfrand!!!
    LOVE pizza! never had it on that kind of crust tho!
    WOW great great steal w. the bloobs!! I NEED A TJS NEAR ME!

  • Run Sarah says:

    Your butternut squash looks awesome, I have never tried roasted it whole or halved, only in fry form. I love soy cheese or humnut sauce on my pizza and tons of veggies.

  • Monet says:

    I do like cheese on my pizza (but not very much and preferably a lower fat variety or a vegan kind…I don’t like a ton of grease) And I agree, your squash looks delicious!

  • teenagehealthfreak says:

    i love asparagus on my pizza!! yumm. that is an awesome deal on those blueberries!! wow. you should go back and buy a ton more and freeze them!!! 🙂

  • Wei-Wei says:

    I do like cheese, but frankly I’m scared of it and it makes my tummy hurt. And I never make pizza at home, so in restaurants it’s always glistening, and I mean like SOAKED, in oil. D: But I love all veggie toppings! Not too crunchy, though, like peppers (I snag one and pull the rest of the toppings off. D:)


  • actorsdiet says:

    i do love cheese on my pizza but it doesn’t love me back. so i only eat it like that when i’m eating out, otherwise i load up on fresh veggies at home.

  • sophia says:

    It’s not pizza if there ain’t no cheese! I eat pizza FOR the cheese! haha! My favorite topping is fresh figs, prosciutto, caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar, smoked mozzarella, goat cheese!

  • kaztronomic says:

    I’m so jealous of your 1.88$ blueberries! Score! 😀

    In my dream world, where I could eat pizza without awful tummy pain, I’d totally go for an all-veggie (mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, bell peppers, the works!) smothered in cheese. I love pizza! I need to come up with a dairy-free, gluten-free for myself. 😀

  • Lindsay says:

    I can take or leave the cheese! So funny. Most people think I’m crazy if I order without. I bet hummus is ahmazing on a pizza. How have I never tried this? Maybe because I devour all of the hummus almost immediately when I get home..just sayin. I tried tofu on pizza recently and it was awesome!

  • I have a confession.
    I dont like water.
    Its so boring! Plane. Meh.
    And so… basically the only processed, chemical thing that I ingest is flavored waters and mixes. If I dont get them, I only drink ZERO to 1 glass of water a day! And I drink several cups of coffee in the morning… which is even worse. So, Im not judging your purchases 😉
    Also – I hate complimenting food because everyone seems to say the same thing but, really, I want that pizza. To do list.

  • I cut out a lot of artificial sweeteners out of my diet too, but sometimes I find plain water so boring. I love the light flavour that Crystal Light adds to water. It makes me want to drink it all day long!

    Your pizza looks amazing! I’m really curious to try that humnut cheese. I just had a pita pizza today with tomato sauce, tons of roasted veggies, cubed chicken, and goat cheese on it. It was stellar! 😀

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