The Frog in the Shallow Well

July 21, 2010 § 17 Comments

Once upon a time there was a Frog who lived in a shallow well. The shallow well is the only place he has ever come into contact with, as well as a puddle of murky waters. Whenever he looks up through the opening of the well above, he would exclaim excitedly: “Wow! The world is so big!” Little did the Frog know the real world that lies outside of his well.

One day, the Frog met a Turtle, who came from the East Sea, at the edge of his well. The Frog boasted of his perfect little biding: “I am so happy! When I go out, I can jump about along the edges of the well. When I come home, I can rest in the holes inside the well. I have the water which comes up to my armpits, and the mud to play with. When I look at the small worms, crabs, and tadpoles, I realize none of them can compare to me. I am the lord of this well, and I am very, very pleased!”

The Frog then said to the Turtle:”Dear sir, why don’t you come visit me more often to look around my place?”

The Turtle shook his head, “Even a distance of a thousand miles cannot give you an idea of the sea’s width; even a height of a thousand meters cannot give you an idea of its depth. In the time of the great floods, the waters in the sea did not increase. During the terrible droughts, the waters in the sea did not decrease. The sea does not change along with the passage of time and its level does not rise or fall according to the amount of rain that falls. The greatest happiness is to live in the Sea.”

After hearing the story, the Frog of the Shallow Well was shocked and became suddenly aware of his insignificance.

[A Chinese Fable. Source:

This is a story that we all learn as children of Chinese heritage. It teaches us to not be arrogant, to be open-minded, and be aware that there are so many other things in the world around us besides just our own selves.

Case # 1: The Battle of the Risotto
Yesterday Dmitri and I a serious conversation about risottos. He claims that all risottos have ground beef in them. Uhhh…are you kidding me? Most risotto recipes I see do not even have meat in them! He wouldn’t believe me. He told me that they made risotto in a class in middle school once, and that had ground beef in it. He loved it so much that he took the recipe to his mom, and his mom now makes it very often. He grew up believing all risottos are made with ground beef.

Well, obviously I know more about food than he does. I told him that the definition of risotto is arborio rice cooked in broth, sometimes with milk or cream, and flavored with cheese. He still wouldn’t believe me, so I went onto and looked up the Top 20 Risotto Recipes. Only a handful of them had some sort of meat, and none with ground beef.

Ahh…victory is sweet :mrgreen:. I have officially opened his eyes to a bigger world of risotto.

Case # 2: Tribute to Oatmeal
Today Dmitri was making oatmeal, and said he hated it. I sort of flinched and my heart skipped a beat when I heard that. What?! How can someone hate oatmeal?!?!?! The glorious, versatile, oatmeal? He said it was dry and tasteless. Clearly, he hasn’t seen the power of oatmeal. I asked him what he cooked his oatmeal in, and whether he added anything. Water, and nothing. No wonder.

I took his bowl of cooked oats from him. I will perform magic to this oatmeal, I told him. No one, no one, can say that they hate oatmeal in front of me. I won’t let that happen.

A mere five minutes later, with a sprinkle of my pixie dust (maple syrup, microwaved chopped apple, cinnamon, milk, a dash of salt, flaxseed, a glob of nutella), I transformed his bowl of boring oats to something scrumptiolicious.

He couldn’t stop saying how good that oats were. Another sweet victory :cool:.

Case # 3: This blog & the blog community
Approximately 6 months ago, I discovered the foodie blog community. I have enjoyed baking as a hobby years already, but never have I really strayed from the recipes. I wasn’t daring or creative, and I pretty much followed every recipe to the tee. I would occasionally have some rather more creative breakfast ideas, but that was it.

This blog community has really opened my eyes to the world of foodies out there. Ever since starting to read these food blogs, I have learned so much more about food, and have become more daring when it comes to experimenting with food. Reading these blogs motivated to start my own as I discover my own cooking style and also as an outlet to my thoughts and my passion about yoga. I have met wonderful people through this community, everyone equally as inspiring, as creative, smart, beautiful as the other. I’ve never been much of a writer, but blogging almost every day really helped me discover my own writing style and voice. If I have not found this blog community, I wouldn’t have made these delicious meals.

Bagel with Sunflower Seed Butter, Greek Yogurt, Sliced Strawberries, protein brownie batter.

Sourdough Bread French Toast

Stuffed Pepper with Teriyaki Quinoa

Green Monster!

Omu Rice (Omelette with Ketchup Fried Rice)

But today, I didn’t play chef! The Kitchen God was the boyfriend today ;).

The inspiration:

With vegan chorizo, naturally. πŸ˜€

I’m not gonna lie, but I did play in the kitchen a little bit. Just to make some roasted cauliflowers! Boys need to learn that veggies are a must at every single meal. Well, breakfast doesn’t count.I even told him to add more peas than the measly 1/2 cup as written on the recipe. Seriously 1/2 cup? I’d rather have more peas than rice!

I hope I didn’t bore you all with my ramblings in this post. But I’ve been thinking lots and I just want to share! Besides, sharing is caring right? πŸ™‚


+ What is something you have recently discovered and opened your mind to?


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§ 17 Responses to The Frog in the Shallow Well

  • kaztronomic says:

    I never heard that fable before. How enlightening! It definitely provokes thought, for sure.

    Hah, congrats on converting Dmitri onto the wondrous joys of oats! I’m glad he’s no longer missing out on what is probably the world’s best breakfast. πŸ˜€

  • Monet says:

    What a wonderful fable and an inspiring post. I needed to hear that tonight.
    You and your blog are such a blessing in my day. I’m glad you’ve found this community! And give your sweet man a thumbs up for a delicious looking meal.

  • Wei-Wei says:

    I love that fable. It reminds me that even though it might feel like my whole world is crashing down, the world doesn’t care. So I suck it up and keep going, for the sake of the rest of the world which is still there. πŸ™‚ (Despite how depressing that sounds, I promise I’m fine! :D)



  • What a great post! Fables are so great, especially animal ones, and ESPECIALLY ones that remind us how small we are πŸ™‚

    You really HAVE made some great meals as a result of blogging. I’d say that this community is definitely something I’ve opened myself too. And Taiwan, too! Never in a million years did I think I’d be going to Asia, or even have the desire to go to Asia, but the more I learn about it the more captivated I become.

    And I too am grateful that you’ve opened yourself to this community, for my own sake. I really love reading your blog and insights on MY blog!

  • Risotto with ground beef? That’s nearly blasphemous from this Italian’s point of view. Growing up I knew only plain risotto (just with wine and cheese), mushroom risotto, asparagus risotto, squash risotto, broccoli risotto, and tomato risotto.

    …I’ve never had risotto with meat before.

  • tanyasdaily says:

    the bagel looks really good!

  • i have a chocolate hazelnut justins nut butter squeeze pack that i think i need to use in a bagel like this!! wow this gave me a bunch a great ideas!!


  • thehungryscholar says:

    I’m glad you’ve joined the blogging community?

    I’ve recently opened myself to cooking, and the blog has everything to do with that πŸ˜‰

  • I’m a big fan of fables… but I never heard that one before!!

    Nor have I ever heard of risotto with beef in it. Wouldn’t that be… well, something else?!

    ❀ ❀

  • I’d never heard of that fable before. It sends out a great message though. It’s incredible how much more you can learn when you have an open-mind! πŸ™‚

    I totally agree that the blog world has completely changed food for me! I’ve tried out so many new foods and recipes because of it.

  • Crystal says:

    I LOVE that you got him to love the oatmeal! Way to win that one!

    The main thing lately that I have opened my mind to ayurveda and learning about the different doshas. I really do find it fascinating and it has even inspired me, someone who hates to cook, to actually want to cook. It’s a miracle! haha.

  • teenagehealthfreak says:

    i’m with you…i love this blog world..I’ve been so alone for so long..and now I have all of you guys and everyday I know that I have people to talk to about things I’s awesome!! glad to see blogging has helped you too!! your food all looks delish!!!!

  • April says:

    Wow, risotto with ground beef? That does not sound appetizing!

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