Escape from the city

August 11, 2010 § 24 Comments

It’s always nice to escape this…

…and embrace this.

On Monday and Tuesday, my family and I drove 4 hours up to the high mountains that span down the middle of Taiwan. At more than 2000 meters (~6550 feet) above sea level, the weather was cool(er) than the city heat. For two days, we breathed super clean air and surrounded ourselves with lush greenery.

Needless to say, there was some goofing off in the car while on the ride there.

Bubblegum! Reminiscent of childhood.

Clearly, someone was out of practice...

My sister was much better at it.

Mountain roads in Taiwan tend to be very narrow, which may make it kind of difficult for two opposing cars to pass.

But of course, we got by just fine. As my dad said, “Piece of cake.”Β  πŸ˜‰

We went on several hikes, one of which was about 6 miles where we got to see a beautiful waterfall.

All that hiking, of course, made us hungry for some snackage. Enters dried mango slices (homemade by my sister’s boyfriend)!

Looks like a...cocoon?

My sister, chomping down on a piece.

"Get in ma belly!" I say.

A family trip is not a family trip without some family pictures.

My sister (always eating) with Mom & Dad.

Me (note: NOT eating) with Mom & Dad.

Tell me…when was the last time that you saw water that is, literally, clear as a crystal?

Tell me…when was the last time that you saw such beautiful greens and tall mountains?

I know this is getting repetitive, but…

Tell me…when was the last time you saw vibrant flowers like these?

We explored some historical tea plantations…

Wu Ling Tea Village

A variety of tea leaves.


Tea plantation.

Only the young leaves at the top of the bushes are picked to make the most aromatic tea leaves. The older, darker leaves are left to nourish the growth of young leaves.

…and passed by some cabbage plantations.

Rows and rows of cabbages!

We saw and heard some wildlifes, including the endangered Taiwan freshwater salmon…

…which we did see in the rivers, but their black and gray stripes act as camouflage against the rocks at the bottom of the rivers, making it hard to capture on photos.

This board displayed the variety of birds often seen in the National park, and what they “sound” like. There was a particular one that sounds like “To meet you,” which we heard on several accounts! Cute!

We also encountered a big show-off of a black swan.

If you knew me, you’d know I enjoy posing in front of the camera as well (or not…). πŸ˜€

But I definitely remembered to bring a little yoga with me to the mountains.

How about some "Mountain Pose"?

"Dancer" in the mountains?

Failed dancer...hahaha.

It was a fabulous two-day vacay with my family while we refilled our lungs with real air, satiated our eyes with green sceneries, pacified our ears with songs of birds and winds, and exercised our bodies and minds. A great getaway must end, but not without memories.

…maybe not that particular one. :mrgreen:


Going back to my last post…Thanks alot for all the book recommendations! I enjoyed hearing (reading?) about them, so I’m going to write them down and look for them in the library or bookstores. Those will keep me busy and entertained for a good while! πŸ˜‰

A toute a l’heure, mon amis!


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