Life without hummus and recent obsessions

August 13, 2010 § 15 Comments

I told y’all I’ll be back really soon! 😆  Anyways, on to my “regular” post!

While I very much enjoy Taiwanese food while at home, I sometimes do miss the various nut butters and hummus that can only be found back in the States. For example, while prepping my lunch today, I was really craving raw broccoli and carrots with hummus.

No hummus? Any peanut butter? Sadly, we just ran out as well.

What’s a girl to do when she obviously needs some dippage to go with her raw veggies? After scrummaging through the fridge, I decided on this:

Obsession # 1: Black Sesame and Honey Paste

It’s definitely not your regular nut butter, but it’s still nutritious, full of healthy fats, and most importantly, delicious! I usually spread this on bread, but I took the chance and dipped my raw broccoli and carrots in there. Verdict? Not bad. I’d still prefer to have hummus for my raw veggies though :mrgreen:

So I may be craving for hummus, but the everyday eats here still makes me one happy gal! 😀

Obsession #2: Sweet Sop (sugar apple or custard apple)

This fruit is native to tropical Americas, India, and Pakistan. It’s believed to have been brought over to Taiwan by the Holland folks about 400 years ago.

[Sidenote: Taiwan was inhabited by Hollanders in the 1600s]

Sweet sop, as its name implies, is very sweet, very soft, and has a texture much like custard. Its seeds are huge (you see the black oval shaped stuff there?) and are scattered ubiquitously throughout the flesh of the fruit. Much like avocado, it becomes softer as it ripens. At its ripest and sweetest time, you can easily cut the fruit open and either (more lady-like) scoop out its flesh with a spoon or (more barbarian) attack the fruit with your teeth. It is definitely not a pretty fruit to eat. You are going to be spitting out on average 4-5 seeds with every bite you take. You’ll acquire a gooey, sugar substance around your mouth too.

Despite its messiness, it’s oh-so-good! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in California. Anyone else seen it in stores/farmer’s market around where you live?

Obsession #3: Oats with salted egg

It’s savory, it’s filling, what’s not to like? This stuff is perfect to fill up my hangry tummy after my morning Ashtanga yoga classes (2 hours!!!). I simply cook 1/3 cup oats with 2/3 cup water (shamelessly in the microwave) and then add chopped/mashed salted eggs into the oats. Stir the goop up and call it a satiating meal…and it is! It’s been awhile since I’ve had this combo of grains+protein, so I’ve been having this for lunch almost everyday.

What about the high sodium content? Okay, not exactly the healthiest stats, but I justify by claiming that I need to replenish my salt storage in my body after sweating off a a gallon of fluid in my yoga class. :mrgreen:

Obsession #4: Mr. Mark Bakery

This is, hands down, my favorite bakery, ever ever ever, on the face of this planet. It’s got dozens and dozens of different types of whole-grain bread and pastries, from plain to savory to sweet. This is where I get my Black Sesame and Honey Paste from. Some of their breads include:

  • Sunflower seed multigrain toast
  • Cream cheese bun
  • Barley and oats toast
  • Green tea with red beans (adzuki beans) toast
  • Soy bean toast
  • Sweet potato stuffing roll
  • Chocolate and walnut loaf
  • Cream cheese and red beans (adzuki) loaf
  • Crispy rye multigrain toast
  • Chocolate truffle roll
  • Organic vegetables toast
  • Walnut and cheddar cheese loaf

Let’s see what goodies I got recently, shall we?

First up, red beans (adzuki) with sweet cream multigrain bread.

Secondly, rye multigrain bread with red bean stuffing with white sesame seeds sprinkled on top (see the red bean trend here? :)).

Last but not least, Original Sugar-Free Multigrain toast.

I certainly didn’t waste time tasting these doughy breads? I quickly incorporated the toast into my breakfast the next morning.

Original Sugar-Free Multigrain toast, papaya, guava, and Black Sesame & Honey Paste

Look how thick the slice is! So doughy and so soft! I ate that toast with some Black Sesame paste. On the side I enjoyed some fresh papayas and guava.I bet you’ve never seen green guava before :).

Guavaaaa, whole fruit.

Papayas the size (or larger) than footballs!

Cut up papayas and guava

Obsession #5: Amanda’s Blissful Banana Bread

I couldn’t help but pull out my baker’s hat (no I don’t really own one) after seeing Amanda, then Jessica, rave about it. I had a serious itch to try it, and it’s also been ages since I’ve made myself some ‘nana bread.  I deserve it. 🙂

I substituted the spelt flour for whole wheat flour, Greek yogurt for regular yogurt, and maple syrup for honey. I also didn’t have ground flax seeds (omitted), and neither did I have coconut butter (replaced with vegetable oil). With all these modifications, I prayed that it would turn out alright. It did.

I couldn’t resist to sprinkle some muesli and some mini chocolate chips on top. Why, hello beautiful! 😀

I made these two days ago, and I had my last piece today while shopping and with an iced Starbucks latte. Truly b-l-i-s-s-f-u-l.

Obsession #6: Quaker’s Barley milk

Have I told you yet how much I love 7-eleven’s here in Taiwan? Yes! This is another one of my fabulous finds there!

Barley, barley loveee! 🙂


I’m meeting up with an awesome and lovely lady tomorrow for the first time. I’ll be showing her around Taipei city, as this is her first time to Taiwan. I cannnnnn’t wait! I’ve never done “touristy” things here before, so I’m actually excited to hop from one tourist attraction to another tomorrow!


+ If you live in a big city or near tourist attractions, do you do “touristy” things?

+ Current obsessions?

+ Make sure to check out my guest post here!


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§ 15 Responses to Life without hummus and recent obsessions

  • I loooove seeing different packaging for food items in different countries. Honestly, that’s one of my favorite parts about going out of the country.

    Obsessions right now: hummus and lots of it, millet bread (yay!), guacamole (homemade), and my blueberry muffin crunch cereal. yuuuum.

    I don’t really do “touristy” things in Chicago, but when I have, it was fun! I think I’d like to take a tour someday just for fun.

  • stephanie says:

    i have to try salted eggs with oatmeal! i love aggs with oatmeal but i have to add soy sauce or salt!

  • stephanie says:

    i have to try salted egg oatmeal!it looks great!

  • Wei-Wei says:

    Yeah, most of the people here don’t even know what chickpeas are! And nut butters? Well. You’ve got Skippy, and not really much else, but I agree that the sesame stuff is really good too. I didn’t have the honey kind though, it sounds awesome! You make me miss Taiwan 😦 I love how they have the sugar-free and organic and vegetarian craze going on there right now. Such an awesome hype to be having 😉


  • Ooo I love having eggs in oatmeal! I usually add some veggies to the oats, fry an egg, throw that on top, and have it with some hummus (sorry you can’t find any!) and pasta sauce. Nom, nom.

    Current obsessions? Chocolate pudding, banana bread (so glad you loved it!), avocado, stir fries, adding cream cheese to grain dishes… and of course the regulars like oats, nut butters, Greek yogurt, and coffeeeee 😀

  • Kat says:

    omg we just ran out of peanut butter last night and I am freaking out lol. Hubby is going to the store after work today to buy some tho 🙂 That sesame paste looks interesting…I dont know how I feel about the color, but if you say its delish I bet it is! I would like to try it..

  • Monet says:

    I always miss my “staples” when I travel too, but it looks as if you have found some wonderful things to snack on during your journey! I am so intrigued by those sweet sops…I wish I could find them here. And that bakery looks so wonderful! I was drooling from the list of baked goods and then you had to tempt me further with pictures!

  • Lori says:

    Ok, there were just too many great things going on in this post! And that slice-o-bread is THICK. Wow. Black sesame paste… um… DELICIOUS. I have heard of this in Japanese cuisine. It’s suppose to be SUPER good for you.
    I made Amanda’s banana bread too and subbed similar items, as you did. It was really good. And yeah, it definitely didn’t last too long, either. 😉

  • Oh man, I love my veggies with hummus!!! I’d go crazy without it! Those eats look tasty though!

  • Oh my gosh, I laughed when I saw that sesame paste! It looks like tar or something haha. But I’m sure it tastes good. 😉 I love all the neat foods that you have there. And that bakery seriously does look good!

    I live near Toronto and I don’t really do “touristy” things there, but I like to go there to eat and shop! 😀

    My current obsessions are Amazing Grass Green Superfood powders and coconut butter.

    Have fun tomorrow!

  • teenagehealthfreak says: exotic foods! your pictures are pretty as well. I really think that oat n’ eggs thing would be good..but i’m scared to try it…eggs have been making my stomach hurt really bad lately!!!!

  • All this food looks amazing! I love the fruit here (mango is definitely an obsession) but could DEFINITELY go for some hummus or cheese/cream cheese that isn’t the equivalent of 6 USD 😉

    And I think lovely and amazing are some pretty good compliments, too! PS, if I didn’t feel that what I said about you was true I would’ve just avoided all adjectives entirely 🙂 Anyway, see you soon!!!!!!

  • I have never tried savory oats! Seems odd to me, only having had sweet 🙂

  • wow all those eats look so delicious! so cool and creative! obsessions as of late: carrots and peanut butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon, sesame crackers with brie and pear slices with coconut butter or almond butter and cinnamon! cinnamon: clearly! pizza hummus and garlic butter (roasted garlic in the oven till its soft) on toast! plenty more! have a great night! xo Ashley

  • barley does rockk!! cooked for dinner or ground for tibetan tsampa or fermented for chang (wine), it is sooo good!

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