Dansui is for…

August 18, 2010 § 22 Comments

Dansui is the name of a small town located in the northern part of Taipei city. Being near a port. it has always been a populated area with commerce and shipping since the 19th century. Dansui literally translates into “mild waters” as it is located near the outlet of Dansui River into the Taiwan Strait, resulting in a combination of fresh and salty waters. Today Dansui has become a large tourist site, both amongst local Taiwanese and foreigners alike, for the shopping, food, entertainment, and watching beautiful sunsets.

It’s been years since I last visited Dansui (passing by it on a bike ride doesn’t count!), and although it’s only literally a 30 min MRT ride (mass rapid transit) away from where I live, I haven’t ventured there for too long. This summer I made sure to pay that historical site a visit.

Taipei MRT.

A temple on the streets of Dansui.

Okay, some historical sites, but mostly food and shopping :D.

Dansui is for people-watching and entertainment…


Still crowded.

Family time!

Some workers from a Japanese restaurant trying to attract customers by setting up a beer pong table outside. Hmm..more like "sake pong."

Dansui is for shoppers…

Okay, how cute is THAT?

Keychains and cellphone accessories. I'm telling you, that bread roll over there REALLY feels like a doughy bun.

Various Japanese cartoon/video game characters πŸ™‚

Dansui is for eaters

Tomatoes or strawberries on a skewer coated in syrup.

Mine is on the left. My friend got one with dried plums (on the right).

Helloooo "skyscraper" soft serve cones!

Smoothie and juice stands are everywhere and sooooo cheap! 30 oz of drink costs about 2 dollars.

A ginormous coffee grinder in a coffee shop.

Shrimp biscuits.

We stopped by a renowned little family-owned store that serves “A-Gei,” a purely Taipei eat. Traditionally, it’s tofu skin stuffed with some fish meat and some glass noodles (made from the starch from mung beans; Mandarin: fen si), then served in a sweet & savory & spicy sauce. However, due to the growing numbers of vegetarians these past few years, I was happy to know that they had a vegetarian version of A-gei! It simply is just served without the fish. It made me one happy gal :).

"A-Gei" is about the size of your fist.

It's filled with glass noodles (cellophane noodles, green bean noodles, bean thread noodles).

I love the sauce! :mrgreen:

Dansui is for fishermen…

Pardon the construction messes in the background.

Dansui is for watching sunsets and for lovers

(Speaking of lovers, there is a Lovers’ Bridge up further at the Fisherman’s Wharf, but we didn’t venture quite that far that day.)

Sun is going down, down.

Romantic, no?

Allllllmost gone.

You better believe I took about 100 or so pictures just trying to get the perfect lighting and capture the undescribable colors of sunsets. Even these pictures shown here don’t do it justice. We were also very lucky that day to be able to see this beautiful sunset, as Dansui tends to be foggy or cloudy. Does anyone else find it difficult to 100% capture the fleeting moments of sunsets/sunrises?

I’m very behind on recapping my recent adventures + eats in Taiwan, but I really want to get them up to this blog. It doesn’t help that my right wrist is starting to get sore from all these repetitive movements! Time for some wrist streeeettttttchhhhhessss! πŸ™‚

From one of my past yoga teachers (she always said this at the end of the class): “I will see you when I see you!”;)


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