Ladies’ Holidays

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Most of the time I look forward to my ladies’ holidays off from practice when I feel that time of the month coming up. The thoughts that run through my mind as my “holidays” approach vary…

Yes, I can have a perfect excuse to rest my body for 3 whole days!

Whew, I really need to relax my back muscles from all those backbends!

I can eat later into night without worrying about the consequences the morning after!

Yup, my shoulders and wrists definitely need some rest.

And then comes the first day of your “holiday.” You rejoice because you can lie in bed and sleep just a little longer. You can get up leisurely, put on some breakfast, and have a leisurely morning. You read, you surf the internet, you watch TV, just taking your time for yourself in the morning when you usually practice. The second day of your “holiday” rolls around, you start feeling “not right.” Something is definitely off–you feel stiff, lethargic, and restless. You want to sweat.

It’s interesting how after our bodies become used to our daily rigorous yoga practice, it craves more. It craves the energy, the sweat, the exhilaration, the focus. Does this mean our body becomes dependent on the physical asana practice to feel charged and energized? In yoga philosphy, there is the concept of non-dependence, or vairagya. How do we balance this dependence on practice with non-dependence? While our body may want the practice, it is our mind that controls what happens next. Our mind, the intellect, says that it is our time to rest. Nature is not to be interfered with. Let the energy of apana flow freely without obstruction.


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