The happy bus driver

November 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Not really once upon a time, there is a bus driver who drives the 285 bus that goes from the center of Taipei city to uptown Taipei. Perhaps he is a husband, perhaps a father, but he is most definitely the kindest, most upbeat bus driver I have ever met. He greets all the passengers that board the bus with a joyous “Hello”, and a sincere “Thank you, good bye,” regardless whether there is only one person, or twenty. He reminds everyone to be careful, especially those standing, as he slowly leaves the bus station each time.

He always announces the upcoming station, and the landmarks, malls, markets, schools, etc., that are nearby the stations, which is always helpful to tourists or passengers who are unfamiliar with that area of the city.

I’ve had the pleasure to ride on his bus 3 times, and each time he never failed to bring a smile to my face. Alot of bus drivers I encounter are bitter, but he is one of the few who brings a little joy into his job as a bus driver. Bitter drivers are never fun to ride with because you can feel their bitterness rubs off on you too. On the other hand, happy drivers not only make the passengers appreciative of them, the happy drivers also feel good inside to have made some people’s days. This particular bus driver has taught me a lesson, a lesson we should all learn from this him. No matter what situation you are in, how unhappy, mundane, irksome you are with it, you always have the choice to shine a positive beam of spirit at it to turn the situation around. Not only will you be a little happier yourself, that happiness sends vibratory waves to those around you.


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