10 cheeses in DA HOUSE!

July 19, 2010 § 24 Comments

Any Bieber fans out here? If so, I got a little present for you:

Last night Dmitri followed a How to draw Justin Bieber tutorial online and put this on my bed as a “surprise.” Except that I wasn’t a Bieber fan. He did this just to provoke me because I’m more like a Bieber UN-Fever.

Along with this is also the ongoing case of Twilight. Dmitri had ask me 10 million times before and will ask me 10 million times more which “team” I was on.

Team Anti-Twilight. That’s my answer.

He, however, reacts differently. Dmitri reasons that Edward is Bella’s one true love, and he has been so loyal and protective of her. It’d be cruel and inhuman for Bella to turn against Edward and go for Jacob.

In the end, however, he went for Team Anti-Bella. After all, Bella was the cause of all this chaos. She was the sad, depressed girl that everyone wants, vampires or not.

+ Do you watch Twilight? Which team are you on, or would be?

Anyways, I don’t think anybody wants to listen to me talk about Bieber or Twilight forever! How about some In a Jiffy Curry Chickpea Burger?

I’ve been seeing this over and over again on Angela’s blog, and have been reading about her raves about them. It was time to give them a try on my own!

I followed her recipe to the tee, because last time that I tried making some variations on vegan burgers it was a total disaster. I wasn’t ready to risk it again.

I made these last night after dinner so that they’ll be ready for dinner today. All I did was reheat them in the oven! I love easy peasy dinners :-D. I served mine on a bed of arugula, some fresh beets (also roasted last night), feta, some olives, a blob of TJ’s cilantro hummus, and a drizzle of Walden Farm’s Raspberry Viniagrette.

This was my very first time having fresh beets! And oh my word I have been living in the dark when I thought canned beets were good enough. How very wrong I was! Fresh beets are 10000000000 times sweeter than canned ones. They were also very easy to make. Just wrap them up in aluminum foil as you would for baked potatoes, pop them in a preheated oven at 375 degrees for an hour, and you got your beets! When cooled, simply peel off the skin and enjoy! Never, ever again will I slip back to that darkness of canned beets.

During dinner with Dmitri, the conversation of cheese came up. After the cheese-or-no-cheese on pizza conversation from yesterday, I learned that a few of you are die-hard cheese fans. I love cheese, especially the soft creamy ones, like brie. But sometimes the excess oil and grease on restaurant pizzas are too much for my poor tummy! I do enjoy moderate amount of full-fat cheese from time to time though. Delicious with some crackers and a glass of wine, because I’m classy like that :-).

Dmitri and I listed out the types of cheese we have currently in our refrigerator:

  1. Mozzarella: bought this past weekend for pizza.
  2. Brie: Our all-time favorite.
  3. Gouda: Wanted to try some other cheese besides Brie two weekends ago, but realized we’re still Brie-fans.
  4. Shredded Sharp Cheddar: Bought when the boy made Taco Bake.
  5. Parmesan: Always good on pasta and whatnots right?
  6. Cottage cheese: I’m currently the only consumer.
  7. Laughing Cow Light Swiss: Again, guilty here.
  8. Soy cheese, American flavor: Got these a long time ago, but still good!
  9. String cheese: From Trader Joe’s. Hey they make the perfect on-the-go snacks!
  10. Feta: As pictured above.

Conclusion: I think the types of cheeses above outnumber the type of veggies we have currently in the house. Is that a good or bad thing?

Anyways, for my dessert today I made myself another watermelon shake. These things are soooo good for hot summer days!

Like my new nails? 😀

In other news, I ordered The Yoga Body Diet two days ago from Amazon after seeing it on Crystal’s blog. I’ve been meaning to get it but somehow I kept holding back. When I saw it again the other day, I just went for it. If I’ve seen it 6 times already and have been wanting to get it, this is totally a sign that that book and I are meant to be together. I got to use the 2-day Free shipping because I am now an Amazon Prime member! Amazon is currently giving out free Amazon Prime membership for students who have email addresses ending in .edu. So college students out there, what are you waiting for?

I thought the book would arrive Wednesday, but apparently it was too excited to come greet me. I gave it a very warming welcome when it came to me this afternoon.

My other yoga books were also very nice to this newbie in the collection. They embraced her like she was part of the family already.

Hopefully I’ll have time to dig into this book about doshas (or each person’s body constitutions, how one should eat, live, and exercise based on their doshas) in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be updating you guys on what I’ve learned!

It will have to be goodbye for now my friends. Some local band are holding a concert in a park near us featuring The Beatles covers. Yay parks, crowds, and music! 😀


+ How many types of cheeses do you have in your fridge right now?


Pizza my heart!

July 18, 2010 § 18 Comments

It seems like everyone’s opting for Plan C with the bike riding. I like that idea too. However, we must take into account that Newport Beach is about 50 miles away from where I live. Dmitri have been doing alot of research all day today, looking up bike trails and roads to take. So I might be able to make it there on bike, but the question is, will I be able to make it back? It would totally be like a bike marathon or something like that.

So-Cal has officially entered summer. I cannot believe how hot it was today! I feel like I’ve been in some sort of semi-heat stroke the entire day–woozy, dizzy, heated, while downing H2O like nobody’s business.

The morning started out nice enough, about mid-80’s, when Dmitri and I headed out to TJ’s and Sprout’s for our weekly grocery run.

Guess what I found at Sprout’s?!?!?!??!

An 18-oz box of blueberries for $1.88!!! This was definitely a steal. I was screaming in excitement to Dmitri when I saw it: “Oh my gosh! A humongous box of blueberries for $1.88?!?! Do you know how rare this is? Look how plump they are!”

Dmitri didn’t answer, but only held out the basket. The end. I couldn’t resist. This week has been such a good week for me in terms of steals, from the $3 locally grown and organic plums to this Hugh Jass box of blueberries. Life is good.

We lounged by the pool for a little while after we got back. Well, it got too hot too soon. Not to mention it was almost noon with the blaring sun right above us. I refuse to get skin cancer!

Once back in our shadier and cooler sanctuary, we whipped up a pizzalicious lunch featuring TJ’s Garlic Herb Pizza Dough. Obviously, I failed at making my pizza “round,” but who said pizzas must be circular? Heck, I can make them heart-shaped for all I want. But again, that’d be too hard for me. 😛

I didn’t go the “traditional” pizza route, i.e., I didn’t do the whole cheese shebang. Instead, I used Mae’s humnut cheese. I’m not a big fan of the uber cheesy pizza, but I am a big fan of hummus! This was delicious!

I topped the pizza dough with TJ’s Pizza Sauce, the humnut cheese, some broc, eggplant, tomatoes and roasted red peppers.

Perhaps it was the heat, perhaps my breakfast was fillin’, but I only ate half of this long pizza. Oh well, leftovers are good 😀

The heat made both Dmitri and I very lazy and sluggish, and we ended up spending half of the afternoon just bumming around the house. Him watching Lost while I blogsurfed and watched one episode of Gossip Girl. We finally decided we couldn’t stay in the house forever, and braved ourselves to step out to the sweltering heat and into somewhere with AC.

Target. Barnes & Noble. Shoe Store (Dmitri needs ’em).

My family has a strange addiction to flavored-water drink powder. Okay, I confess I had one too! But I am trying to limit my intake as I know now that they’re nothing more than just chemicals, fake sugars, and artificial yucks. Nevertheless, while throwing in boxes after boxes of Crystal Light, Propel, and Target-brand drink powders into the basket, Dmitri and I couldn’t help but notice this enticing flavor.

Let’s just assume it somehow creeped into our basketful of Crystal Light too.

It certainly made me drink my water though! I am now well-hydrated 😀

Is this going to turn my tummy red?

It was a tad sweet, and tasted nothing like Strawberry Daiquiri. It’s still a nice way to slurp up ice cold water nonetheless.

We kept dinner simple, with the “main” course as this amaaaazzzinnnnnnggg salad.

I tossed together some sliced strawberries, spinach, arugula, toasted walnuts, toasted pine nuts, and feta cheese. In another bowl I mixed together about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar, 1/4 cup of olive oil, some salt & pepper, and an overflowing teaspoon of honey. I added the dressing to the salad and tossed tossed tossed.

Voila! Summery salad in minutes! I’m so glad that I made more than enough, because that means I’ll get to eat this again for lunch tomorrow! Yay for leftovers again!

Dmitri decided to go the pizza route again, but this time using toast as the “crust.” I stuck to roasted butternut squash, again leftovers from the other night.

I topped half with leftover arugula pesto and some parmesan cheese, and the other half with marinara and cottage cheese. Both halves were equally yummy!

So now, here we are again, another Sunday night. The dreaded night before the Monday. BUT! Last week of research for me!!! I’ll be at my Home Sweet Home in 1.5 weeks 🙂


+ What are your favorite pizza toppings? Do you like cheese on top of your pizza?

Did you know…?

July 17, 2010 § 14 Comments

I know, I know. I’ve been gone for too long. Two days in the real world is equivalent to 2 weeks in the blogland. Hah, I feel like I’m referencing Inception.  GREAT movie by the way. It really got my mind all out of whack when I left the theaters last night. I swear I was in some sort of daze for 20 min afterwards, just thinking about the complexity of the mind, the conscious, the subconscious, the super-subconscious, the super super-subconscious…

Personally, I think the mind has nth dimensions.

Well, I don’t want to give too much of a spoiler for those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s something that you must pay attention to for the entire length of the movie, or else you can get easily confused. I don’t think I’ve ever concentrated so hard on a movie before. Ever.

So two weeks two days away from the blogland naturally ended with me having way too many pictures to share, so I’ll just give ya’ll some highlight ;-).

Did you know that cottage cheese melts superbly when heated up?

Lunch #1: Frozen veggies and spinach thawed in the fridge overnight, topped with cottage cheese, and microwaved till melty when lunchtime came.

Did you know that thawed frozen spinach is delicious with marinara and cottage cheese (melted)?

Lunch #2: Spinach w/ cottage cheese and TJ's Garlic Marinara sauce.

Melty and cheesy!

Did you know that you can make pesto out of arugula?

Roasted Squash with Arugula Pesto

(Recipe inspired from here; the arugula pesto from the back of the package of arugula)

First blanch about 2 cups of packed arugula in boiling water. Immediately plunge into cold water to stop the cooking process. Drain and use your hands to squeeze dry the leaves.

Two squished cups of arugula into one fistful!

About 1/4 cup of toasted pine nuts.

Blend in food processor the arugula, toasted pine nuts, some salt and pepper, a dash of cumin. Blend till you get a mushy paste. Then add olive oil till desired consistency (I added about 1/3 cup)

Kind of chunky pesto...

Also roasted some butternut squash at 350 degrees for 45 min, sprinkled with cumin.


Roasted squash says: "Gimme the pesto and more pine nuts please!"

Complete meal with a side of Swiss chard sauteed with onions, crushed red pepper flakes and garlic.

Tip: roasted butternut squash is also very good topped with butt loads of parmesan cheese!

Did you know that I got a tub of mini plums for $3 (~a dozen) at the Farmer’s Market at La Verne on Thursday evening?

Did you know that I am currently obsessed with anything cheese + fruit related?

Sliced up and ready to be sandwiched.

Plum with Laughing Cow cheese on Sandwich thin. Yum!

Speaking of the Farmer’s Market, there was some sort of “petting” area filled with goats, pigs, chickens, and bunnies there?

What can I say? It was a sight to see. I felt horribly sorry for the animals, because there were literally a dozen or more 3-8 year old kids in this tiny pen, all chasing after some animal or the other. Of course, there were lots of shrieking involved as the children ran after the bunnies.

At least this little girl seemed gentle enough to the chickens.

Did you know that Chai Spice totally blew my mind away?

Obviously, I needed something to munch on while I read this boring exhilarating paper. Upon first bite I was taken back to when I first tried chai tea. This bar totally captured the essence and the spice of a warm or cold cup of chai tea!

Needless to say, my last Kardea bar was pretty darn amazing too–the Lemon Ginger. I am now a sad little girl because I have finished all my Kardea bars :-(.

I loved all of the flavors of these Kardea bars. They are true to their words in terms of flavors. Each bar was unique in its taste and with each bite you always get hit by its intense aroma of either chai, ginger, almond, or banana. I am a satisfied taste-tester! 😀


Did you know that last night, my boyfriend and I went to a Thai restaurant, where we were constantly attacked by flies, and the waitress was swatting them just a table next to ours? Um…yeah. Not a very enticing atmosphere. The food sort of made up for it though, but I don’t think I’d go back to get attacked by flies or the fly-swatting lady again.

Hah! Dmitri was trying to act “Asian.”

My turn. I always laugh at the instructions on the chipstick slips.

I don’t know why I had that surprised look on my face. LOL I looked like a dork.

Thai salad: Iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, onions, hard-boiled egg, with spicy peanut sauce. Plain, simple. The spicy peanut sauce was good though!

Pad-see-ewe: flat rice noodles stir-fried with Chinese broccoli and tofu.

Vegetable medley with rice.

And this! My fav dish: rice biscuit stir-fried with bean sprouts, eggs, and came with hot sauce. The lady said it was house-specialty.

Chewy and sticky.

Did you know that this wrap made the perfect post-run breakfast this morning?

Banana + PB with cinnamon on a La Tortilla wrap, pan-fried till crispy. Side of yogurt for some dipping action!

Gooey and melty inside!

That pretty much sums up the past couple of days when I was MIA. We’re off whale-watching off the coast of Newport Beach this afternoon! Since it’s blue whales season, I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get to see some blue whales! 😀

Have a great Saturday!

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