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July 28, 2010 § 21 Comments

Hello hello!

If you’re looking for me, I’m probably doing one of these following:

  1. On the way to Los Angeles Int’l Airport (LAX).
  2. In LAX, waiting for my 12:50 AM flight.
  3. On a 13 hr  flight homebound to Taiwan.
  4. Super jetlagged and no desire whatsoever to blog.

In the meantime…

Classiest video ever.

And something DELICIOUS I ate today.

I seriously can’t for the life of me remember where I got this recipe from. If it was yours, please tell me so I can credit you for it!

2 Minute Chocolate Cake

  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 Tbsp almond milk
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp agave (I used honey)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp oil (I replaced with apple sauce)

Mix everything in a bowl till incorporated. Microwave on high for 1 min or 1.5 min, depending on your microwave. EAT!

I had mine with sunflower seed butter. YUM in a BOWL and in 2 MIN.

BRB! :mrgreen:


+ Got any cool/funny videos to share? I’m always in search of hilarious YouTube videos. I watch them when I’m upset, bored, frustrated. They always cheer me up!


Memorial Day Weekend wrap-up

May 31, 2010 § 6 Comments

Happy Monday y’all! And it is a happy Monday! No Monday blues.

Like Julie and Brandi, I woke up today feeling like going for a hike. So, at 10am, Dmitri and I geared up and drove about 10 minutes out to the mountains.

Say hello to Hello Kitty!

Say hello to me! 😉

It was H-O-T. And the fact that most of the trails are rocky roads and shadeless did not help. Hiking in Southern California is very different from hiking in Taiwan. In Taiwan, you get lush trees that keep you cool and safe from the sun, like so:

Ain’t Taiwan purrrdy?

Here, you’re pretty much in a desert, surrounded by shrubs. There was, however, creeks that had flowing water. Right now the snow up at the mountains are just melting, and hence we get these ice cold mountain water running down these creeks. These creeks are otherwise barren and dry. Yup, such is Southern California.

There were even mini “pools” of water that we had to side step. How rare is that?!

I guess everything is greener at this time of the year. Come July or August, everything is gold.

Snow in the distant mountains!

It’s a moose!

In celebration of Memorial Day, I decided to make a healthified BBQ plate for dinner, featuring Mama Pea’s Black Bean Burger.I used regular white onion instead of red onion, substituted soy sauce for Worcestershire sauce, added about 1 tsp of coriander, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, and about 3 T of chopped spring onions.

Ready for grillin’ cookin’.

On the side I served baked potato fries, carrot fries, and roasted cauliflower. For the “burger buns” I used Orowheat sandwich thins.

A burger ain’t complete with some soy cheese, ketchup and mustard! ❤ Dijon!

Last but not least, check out the apron I got from Ikea today! Now I won’t be afraid of getting flour or chocolate all over my clothes when I bake! 😀

Tomorrow is back to work = back to lab. My research advisor won’t be in tomorrow, so perhaps I ca take it easier and slack of just a lil’ 😀


+ Do you like to go hiking?

+ How did you celebrate Memorial Day?

Back in Claremont + Taiwan Eats

May 15, 2010 § 5 Comments

I. am. so. friggin. jetlagged. right. now. 12 hours of flight plus 2 hours of commute to Claremont. Then it was packing the mess I left in my dorm room before I left for Taiwan. I also broke my $6 blender that I got from a school auction while I was moving stuff from my room to my car :-(. Although it was not the greatest blender, it served me well for the short time I got to use it–it made me wonderful green monster smoothies.

Right now it’s 10:15pm and I am super super super tired. I still have alot of boxes to move tomorrow morning!!! Gahhhh I hate packing & moving and then having to unpack & organize. It’s okay, I’ll just have to do this moving thing one more year. Well, hopefully I’d have settled down with a job by then…

Despite the fact there’s more moving + packing tomorrow, I’m excited for commencement! I have quite a few senior friends who are getting outta here! Yay congrats to them and all those seniors out there! 🙂 I might take Monday off and start my 10-week intense research job on Tuesday so that I can have some time to settle into my apartment. I’m excited about research, but 8-9 hrs working in a lab for 10 weeks can be pretty exhausting! I know, because I did the same thing last summer. Judging by this, you can probably bet I won’t be spending lots of time working as a research assistant or a lab technician in the future.

The often recurring question: So what is it that I want to do?

I don’t know. But as one of my yoga teacher said: Live in the present, you’ll know when the time comes.

Ahhh…such beautiful, comforting words!

So what have I been doing this past week while I was here in good ol’ Taiwan? Enjoying good food of course! 🙂

A spring roll! You probably are not familiar with this type of spring roll, but you can think of it as a Taiwanese burrito. Basically, it’s cooked veggies, egg, meat (well in my case, no meat) topped with grounded sesame powder+sugar blend, wrapped in skin-thin flour wrap. It’s delicious, nutritious, and a well-balanced meal for a dollar! One of my faves of Taiwanese eats!

These are like savory “pancakes” filled with spring onions. I was so tempted to get one, but they used animal oil in the cooking process, so not for me!

The following day, I had lunch with my badminton coach of four years (all through high school). She’s one of my best buddies, like another sister to me! We went to a vegetarian restaurant called “Easy House.” They emphasize foods that are all natural, vegetarian, and nourishing for the body.

The cover of their menu is adorable! Look at those cute veggies!

Food! I ordered a pot of mixed mushrooms+ veggies + tofu, and it comes with a side of 10-grain rice.

My coach & I 🙂

More yummy food for lunch today! Vegetarian buffet~

plate numero uno

On my plate are (clockwise): Sauteed lima beans, curried cauliflower & rice cakes, fake “sashimi”, cold soba noodles, imitation “eel”, sauteed greens, imitation “squid”.

Imitation "eel"

Imitation "squid"

Yes, it’s totally normal in Taiwan (and in any Asian country in general) to eat eel and squid. Although not on a regular basis since they’re a bit pricey. But they make these vegetarian ones look so real!

Another type of bamboo shoots, cooked in delicious soup!

I shared this with my dad.

plate # 2

Plate 2 consisted of (again, clockwise): Sweet black beans, pickled papaya salad, more imitation eel, some veggies, steamed dumplings, and braised tofu. I was lazy so I didn’t take close up pictures of any of the food items above =P

The next pose will feature Taiwan’s nature scenes! You won’t want to miss out on that 🙂

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to set up Airport Extreme since my apartment does not have wireless (I’m “borrowing” my neighbor’s wireless right now ^_^). Ahhh I can’t remember where I put the installation CD that came with it and the instruction manual!!! It might be somewhere in one of the packed boxes I still yet have to retrieve from the car. Should I go get it? But it’s late. But I want to figure this out! I’m tired…

Perhaps I should just go get a LONNNNNNG shower and BRUSH my teeth. I hate long flights because I always feel sooo gross afterwards. Maybe I’ll just call it a day.

+ Have you ever gone out of state/country? If yes, what’s the longest flight you’ve been on?
For me, I travel to and from Taiwan alot. Like twice a year. Going back to Taiwan takes about 14 hours, but flying to Los Angeles takes only 10-11 hrs. This is because the plane is against the wind when flying to Taiwan.

+ Any summer plans?
Hah, 10 weeks of research for me!

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