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Food Coma

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Today was the 32nd International Festival hosted by Claremont Colleges’ International Place! Right now I have a belly full of delicious food! I will let the pictures tell the story of my glorious and yummy day!

Happy camper with his share of kimchi. Aww, look at that smile! 🙂 Dmitri was so excited about the kimchi that we just went straight there. I wanted to stroll our way around to check out some other booths first, but nope, he pulled me straight to the Korean booth.

From the Taiwan booth was fried squid balls and, of course, boba tea! We got 500 ml cup for friggin $3. It’s been awhile since I’ve had boba tea, and this one was pretty good! The boba was actually pretty chewy, although the tea lacked some milk. The boba tea was from Fruizen. None the less, it was tasty.

Me and my fried plantain with spice pepper salad from the Africa booth. The plantains were kind of like sweet potatoes. Yum!

Next up from the UK booth, scone+cream+jam with a cup of English cream tea! I think the whole thing was mediocre. What I really wanted was crepe from France, but the line was always long!

From the Singaporean booth, Kaya toast (with coconut jam). It was surprisingly delicious, but I couldn’t really distinguish any coconut flavor. Just sugary goodness!

The long-awaited Tiramisu! The coffee taste was really strong, which I liked! They even had little recipes printed out for us to take. Being the baker that I am, I graciously took one and observed it. Hmm..maybe my next baking adventure? Not that I’ve never made tiramisu before, but I’m still on the lookout on the perfect tiramisu recipe!

Devouring the tiramisu!

The tiramisu lacked some ricotta cheese. But all in all it was pretty good. By that time we were both really full (Dmitri got a second round of kimchi). We had to take a rest before we actually finished the tiramisu.

Me with my bumblebee!

Before we left, we both got figure balloons! They were free so I was very excited. I actually wanted a penguin, but the lady didn’t make penguins, so I asked for the bumblebee. Adorable!

Dmitri & his flower

Dmitri got a flower, which he also substituted as a sword, a jet, a spacecraft..etc.

Now that I’ve had my fair share of food, sun and fun. It’s back to the long list of work I have to do this weekend. I hate Sundays, but it’s approaching fast!!! Ugh, just hold on for 3 more weeks…

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