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May 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

At the Terranea Resorts when we went to visit my cousins yesterday! My boyfriend and I basically goggled over these cars parked in front of the hotel. Thank goodness I was appropriately dressed that day, and not in the usual California wear, which is tanks and shorts. As a matter of fact, I was in a cute, printed dress I got from Taiwan!

My cousins, my boyfriend and I in front of a beautiful fountain. Oh poop, I’m the shortest one there!

We walked around the resort trying to find a restaurant. The place was HUGE and had lots of different buildings. Apparently restaurants are further down near the beach. But my oh my, look at these scenes! The weather was beautiful yesterday, cloudless and smogless.

My uncle is sporting a fancy glass of  red champagne. I took a teeny little sip from my boyfriends’, since I was driving and I am probably one with the lowest alcohol tolerance you’ll ever meet.

He would probably had been able to pull off that look if he were in a suit 😀

Our hunger finally got to us, and we eventually found a beach side bar & restaurant called Nelson’s for a proper luncheon. They didn’t have too much of a choice for vegetarians, so I got the Portebello Cobb Salad while my boyfriend got the Portebello Sandwich Melt with a side of sweet potato fries, which I asked him to order as his side. He’s not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, but he doesn’t hate it either. Me? I adore sweet potatoes ANYTHING!

My salad was HUGEEEEE!!!! It came in a small mixing-bowl sized bowl. The salad included iceberg lettuce (I didn’t expect it to come with iceberg lettuce as this salad was $11!), light blue cheese (I used to detest blue cheese, but these were yummy!), cherry tomatoes, 1/4 avocado (which they gave me more!), 1 crumbled hard-boiled egg, and lots of portabello! I asked for dressing on the side, but it was some sort of yummy vinagrette!

I managed to stomach about 3/4 of my salad! And also munched all these delicious fries. With lots of ketchup of course!

After we were all satisfied and happy, we went for a walk by the cliff that the restuarant was perched on top of. I ❤ the ocean! I ❤ the smell of salt in the air, and the ocean breeze. I ❤ the sound of waves crashing. It’s so soothing, calming, and peaceful.

We finally said our goodbyes. But the day hasn’t ended for Dmitri & I! No siree, we were heading off to Universal Studios City Walk Street Fest!

It was packed with people. Let’s play a “Where’s Wally” game. Can you spot Dmitri? 😀

When I saw a Yogurtland there, I knew I HAD to go. I wasn’t hungry, but Yogurtland is my ultimate weakness!

I filled my cup with Dutch chocolate, Green Tea, Maple Pecan, Strawberry, and Plain Tart. I topped it with black berries, Mochi bites, peanuts, a vanilla wafer, and lychee. I should’ve gotten more of that green tea flavor. Green Tea ice cream/froyo is my fave! I ❤ self-serve froyo places too, because they are so much cheaper and you can mix ‘n match all you like! My cup costed about $2.50. Everything tastes alot better when it’s cheap AND good!

WIth frozen yogurt in our hands, we continued to explore the festive City Walk, poking our heads into stores now and then.


There was music…

…and some dancing…

…and of course some sweet eats.

(Made from 254, 095 Jelly Belly beans)

Chocolate bar. A typical girl’s diet.

We ended the day by attending a free comedy show at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. There was much stomach-hurting laughing right there!

Happy and tired and ready to hit home 🙂

Today’s plans:

  • Went hiking this morning
  • Later gonna hit up Ikea & Macy’s to see what kitchen gadgets might be on sale!


+ What’s your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt flavor? Green tea all the way for me!

+ Have you ever been to Universal Studios before? I’ve been to both the ones in Florida and in Los Angeles.



April 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

It seems like this is the new trend circulating the blog community this past week! It looks fun and so I thought I’d give it a whirl 🙂

  • Where would you be able to spend hours and be happy? By the ocean, thinking of nothing or reading.

    In front of the Getty Center, Los Angeles

  • What’s your favorite kind of doughnut? Doughnut holes!
  • Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Pierced ears, one on each side.
  • What is your favorite movie? Umm, currently? Probably 500 Days of Summer
  • Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? Dmitri! ❤
  • Are you still friends with the people you knew in middle school or high school? Of course! My besties are all from high school! Actually some I met during elementary! Love ’em!
  • What is the last thing you ate? Oatmeal made with 1/2 banana, soymilk, water, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, flaxseed, and topped with blueberries.
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? Artist, writer, dolphin trainer, teacher (still thinking about doing this).
  • Name three things that are close to you right now: My emptied bowl from breakfast, a can of Arizona green tea, Neutrogena hand cream.
  • What was your best subject in school? Biology
  • What is your favorite restaurant? Easy House (a vegetarian restaurant in Taiwan, my all-time favorite!)
  • Any hidden talents? My fingers are double jointed, I can form my tongue into a lotus, I can wiggle my ears.
  • What is your middle name? Liang-E
  • What is your favorite website? Yoga Journal, Self, and blogs!
  • How old were you when you had your first kiss? 16
  • Chocolate or vanilla? CHOCOLATE ALL THE WAY!
  • What is your favorite girl’s name? Chloe
  • Favorite store? Sprout’s, Trader Joe’s, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, any organic produce stores, bookstores
  • Would you rather be a rock star or a famous athlete? Hmm..kind of don’t like to be in the spotlight
  • Favorite food? At least 70% dark chocolate, and in moderation. Also Yogurtland frozen yogurt!

    Mmm chocolate!

    Creamy & delicious!

  • What are you wearing right now? dark blue skinny jeans, teal green knitted top.
  • What is your favorite animal? Sea otters are adorableeee! But I’d like to have a dog


  • Did you graduate from college? Currently working on it. Hopefully I’ll graduate in 2011!
  • What does your last text message say? In class.
  • Do you have any nicknames? Enio, Goldfeeesh, Nio-nio

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